Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old Funny Pictures

I recently browsed my old folders and guess what I found!
Old school pictures, some are showing error messages experienced by me, others are just for fun. Enjoy!

The main focus get the skulls, meaning that this copy protection is nearly uncrackable :D (or was)

Good old Command and Conquer Generals, well at least if you got the latest graphics card drivers.

Impressive :-)

This is really old school! Old Counter-Strike Bots (I think Joe Bot was it anyone remembers them?!) trying to get all at the same time through that door on cs_siege.

This is how your hard drive will look like if you never did a defragmentation run in 2 years.

This happened in 2003. I think some trojan or virus caused this, but really funny that i somehow activated it to output this.

Don't try to plug the ethernet cable out of your PC while running Counter-Strike Condition-Zero :D

Some programmers are really creative when developing error messages.

Again Generals Graphics Bug a few years ago...

What could there be gone wrong?

This is kind of: WTF!!!

NFS Underground: sometimes it really sucked!

One of my favorites at that time: Original Windows XP Home

Friday, July 16, 2010

First Start

OK let's go! Time for me to start an own Blog!
Let's see what it brings :D